About US

Wood Street Bakery started during lockdown in 2020. Jenny (previously head of pastry at Wild By Tart / The Modern Pantry / Bread Station) began making pastries and cakes at home to hand deliver to neighbours via bicycle every Saturday morning. Word spread and soon the bakes were selling out faster than she could make them.

At the same time the iconic Percy Ingle closed down it's 48 bakery sites, including the one on Wood Street. As an East Londoner Jenny grew up with Percy Ingle on her doorstep and saw this as an opportunity to reinvigorate this neighbourhood bakery. She put an offer in on the lease and soon found herself painting the walls, cementing the floors and trying to bring a bit of life back into an otherwise derelict space.


Wood Street Bakery & Cafe finally opened it's doors in August 2021 and has been welcoming in customers with lots of freshly baked pastries and delicious coffee ever since.

We are very proud to be a member of the Wood Street community - drop in and say hello!