It's forced rhubarb season! While working in restaurants I've always been grateful for the colour that rhubarb brings to the menu in January. The best stuff comes from Yorkshire where it is grown in dark sheds at 13ºC and harvested by candlelight producing an incredible bright pink colour and delicious sharp, sweet flavour. Scientists have deemed rhubarb to be a superfood, full of cancer-fighting polyphenols as well as high quantities of vitamins and minerals.

In celebration of this amazing vegetable (yes - technically it is a vegetable), this week's bake consists of 4 forced Yorkshire rhubarb and vanilla custard tarts in a crisp pastry shell. I have sourced the rhubarb from E Oldroyd & Sons who are considered to be the oldest, largest and best producer of premium forced Yorkshire rhubarb (Janet Oldroyd Hulme is known as the ‘High Priestess of Rhubarb')


Delivery date: Saturday 23rd January between 9am-11am


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These rich, buttery buns, usually leavened with yeast, have been found in bakeries throughout Cornwall since the 1800s. Saffron is used to give them a bright yellow colour and unique flavour. I did a bit of research into these, because I wondered what Saffron was doing in a Cornish bakery staple. Apparently, it’s a bit of a mystery, but it could be that it was originally exchanged in Cornwall’s ancient tin and copper trade with the Phoenicians from as early as 400 BC. 

Saffron strands are the stigma of purple crocus flowers, each crocus produces only three stigmas, which are hand harvested, then air-dried in the dark and lightly fermented. It is the most expensive spice in the world. 

Another version of these buns can be found in Sweden to celebrate St. Lucia Day on the 13th December. The saffron is thought to symbolise light – probably something you’re pretty desperate for in Swedish mid-winter.

We all need a bit more sunshine in January, so (without the possibility of going abroad) this week’s bake consists of 4 sourdough saffron buns made with extra superior quality Spanish saffron (shout out to Ren’s Kitchen), large Chilean flame raisins and cranberries – delicious on their own or toasted and spread with butter (or clotted cream if you’re being extra fancy)

Delivery date: Saturday 30th January between 9am-11am

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Cornish Saffron Buns