This Week's Bake: 3 Easter Nest Merveilleux

This Week's Bake: 3 Easter Nest Merveilleux


With a couple of weeks to go before Easter I thought it was time for some Easter themed bakes…


Merveilleux directly translates as ‘marvelous’ and is a layered meringue cake from Belgium. They are traditionally filled with whipped cream and coated in chocolate shavings creating a deliciously light and crunchy cake.


This week’s bake consists of 3 peanut praline cream filled merveilleux, coated in tempered chocolate shavings. The merveilleux are shaped to resemble little bird’s nests - the symbol of Springtime! (and only 3 more weeks until we can all go to the pub again..!)


P.S. Funny Easter-bake related story – Instagram once deactivated my mum’s Instagram account because she shared a photo of a simnel cake I made. For some reason it was flagged for containing "sexually suggestive content or nudity". Read more about that story here – “This is not a breast but Instagram thinks it is”


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