This Week's Bake: 3 Choco Suisse

This Week's Bake: 3 Choco Suisse


Whenever we go to the South of France I always look forward to picking up one of my favourite pastries from the local boulangerie – the Choco Suisse. They don’t always have them so you have to be quick because they often sell out.


Choco Suisse, otherwise known as Brioche Suisse or Swiss brioche with chocolate chips – is basically a triumvirate of 3 of the best things in the world – brioche, custard, and chocolate. These flat looking pastries are not the most photogenic, beautiful things you’ve ever seen but what they lack in looks they make up for in deliciousness.


My version is made with naturally leavened sourdough brioche, thick vanilla crème patisserie and lots of dark Belgian chocolate chips.


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