This Week's Bake: 3 Nectarine & Almond Pastries

This Week's Bake: 3 Nectarine & Almond Pastries


May marks the very beginning of stone fruit season – this has always been an exciting time working in restaurants as the beginning of the year is relentless rhubarb and citrus fruits but suddenly, in mid-May, you begin to get stone fruits - apricots, peaches, cherries (my favourite), plums and nectarines!


To celebrate, this week’s bake is a delicious almond frangipane pastry topped with tangy nectarine. The frangipane is made with gently roasted almonds for added flavour and the pastry is inverse puff, which is made by folding the dough within the butter, as opposed to the traditional method of folding the butter inside the dough. This is a bit tricker than traditional puff but results in a much more light and flaky texture.


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