This Week's Bake: 4 Black Forest Tarts

This Week's Bake: 4 Black Forest Tarts


Black Forest Gateau (or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) is a classic German cake made with layers of chocolate sponge, whipped cream and cherries. It was supposedly invented in the late 1800’s just north of the Black Forest mountain range in South West Germany.


There was a resurgence of Black Forest Gateau appearing on menus in British restaurants in the 1970s and today it is associated with other ‘naff’ 70’s foods such as prawn cocktail and arctic roll – but sometimes I think naff things can be some of the best things, especially when it comes to desserts…


This week’s bake consists of 4 black forest gateau inspired tarts – a rich chocolate pastry filled with black cherry compote, dark chocolate ganache and a layer of whipped vanilla cream. It’s almost June (cherry season) and what better way to celebrate with the ultimate combination of cherries & chocolate… hopefully the sun comes out too.


This will be the last bake before we take a short break to get married!!

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