This Week's Bake: 4 Orange Marmalade Semla

This Week's Bake: 4 Orange Marmalade Semla


The 16th February marks shrove Tuesday! Of course everyone knows that we traditionally celebrate with pancakes over here in the UK, however in Scandinavia the day is celebrated by eating semla or fettisdagsbulle (fat Tuesday buns). These are cardamom spiced buns, traditionally filled with cream and almond paste in Sweden or Jam in Finland.


Our version is a little bit untraditional in that it is made with a sourdough brioche and filled with a tangy orange marmalade, which not only pairs perfectly with the cardamom but also cuts through the layer of whipped vanilla cream. Delicious with coffee for fika or place it into a bowl of hot milk and you’ve got hetvägg! (In 1771 King Adolf Frederick of Sweden ate 14 bowls of hetvägg after an indulgent shrove Tuesday meal of seafood, caviar and champagne and died shortly after of digestion problems) Don’t worry – you get 4 in your weekly bake…

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