This Week's Bake: 4 Torta Mimosa

This Week's Bake: 4 Torta Mimosa


Happy International Women’s Day! In Italy this day is celebrated with beautiful yellow mimosa flowers that bloom at this time of year. The fragrant branches with yellow pom pom like flowers are given by family and friends to the women in their lives as a symbol of appreciation and love. Women also give the flowers to one another as a symbol of solidarity.


Torta Mimosa was invented in the 50’s by Italian pastry chef Adelmo Renzi. It consists of a light, whisked sponge cake, which is soaked in liquor and layered with a whipped custard. The cubes of sponge that cover the cake represent the fluffy, yellow mimosa flowers. 


To celebrate International Women’s Day this week’s bake consists of 4 individual Torta Mimosa, lightly scented with lemon zest and doused in madeira* 


* if you would prefer your torta di mimosa to be alcohol-free please make a note at checkout.


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    Gluten, Milk, Egg. May contain nuts (traces). Contains Alcohol.

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