This Week's Bake: Saint Honoré

This Week's Bake: Saint Honoré


The news is out - I am moving the bakery into a bigger site on Wood Street! This has been in the pipeline for a while but we are now in and I am currently spending my days covered in paint and trying to figure out complicated plumbing logistics. Wood Street Bakery wouldn't exist without the support and enthusiasm of all of you so thank you - I can't wait to eventually invite you all in for coffee and cake!

To celebrate, this week's bake will consist of 2 large Saint Honoré - puff pastry bases with a ring of choux pastry, caramelised choux puffs and chantilly cream. This pastry is named after the patron saint of bakers - Saint Honoré who hopefully has my back! (Is there a patron saint of plumbing because i think I need their help too...)

Delivery date: Saturday 17th April between 9am-11am


NHS friends - place your order using your NHS email address and you will be refunded 15% of your weekly bake.

  • Allergens

    Milk, Egg, Gluten. May contain nuts (traces).

  • Shipping Info

    Free Delivery to your door! Kindly note that we only deliver to E17 postcodes. Orders placed outside this area will not be accepted.