This Weeks Bake: 3 Triple Chocolate Yule Logs

This Weeks Bake: 3 Triple Chocolate Yule Logs


Ok, prepare for a short history lesson…


At the end of December, during the Iron Age, families would burn logs decorated with holly or anointed with wine. The ashes were thought to have medicinal properties – guarding against evil – and the fire that burned was thought to cleanse the air of the previous years events… sounds like something we need at the end of 2020…


This tradition inspired the yule log cake, which appears for the first time in 1615 in Gervaise Markham’s book “The English Huswife”, but was popularised and refined by the Parisians in the 19th Century where it is known as a Bûche de Noël. Typically, it is a rolled, filled sponge cake, decorated to look like a glamorous version of something you would find in Epping Forest.


This week’s bake consists of three individually portioned triple chocolate Yule logs – fluffy milk chocolate genoise filled with white chocolate & vanilla crème mousseline, decorated with a dark chocolate ganache and crunchy chocolate bark, plus a little bit of gold shimmer because Christmas is an excuse to put glitter on everything…


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