This Weeks Bake: 4 Festive Walthamstow Buns

This Weeks Bake: 4 Festive Walthamstow Buns


This Weeks Bake: 4 Christmas Walthamstow Buns


Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? Maybe… but I think we are all allowed to find ways to enjoy ourselves a little bit earlier than usual this year.


This week’s bake is a mince pie x Chelsea bun mashup – apples and dried fruit spiked with fruity pomegranate molasses (my mincemeat secret, don’t tell anyone!) all mixed with spices and rolled into a soft, lightly zesty dough. Once out of the oven they are drizzled with a brandy spiked icing, because let’s face it – mince pies are all about the brandy butter.


Note about the name: Traditionally these buns are called Chelsea buns as they were reputedly invented in the “Bun House” in Chelsea in the 18th Century – but this is E17 and so I’m calling them “Walthamstow Buns” – you’re not in Chelsea anymore Dorothy…


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