This Weeks Bake: 4 Quince & Almond Feuilleté

This Weeks Bake: 4 Quince & Almond Feuilleté


Quince - supposedly the ancient forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, Van Gogh painted an amazing still life of them in 1888 and in “White Men Can’t Jump” Quince is Gloria’s winning answer on jeopardy in the ‘Foods That Start With the Letter Q’ round. The only person who doesn’t like them is Mr. Burns, but that Simpsons episode doesn’t end well for him (see: Who Shot Mr. Burns)


One of the best fruits available at this time of year - quince is massively underrated. They’re not the most attractive looking (unless Van Gogh paints them, see above), but once cooked they turn a beautiful shade of pink and have a delicate, floral, apple/pear-like flavour. 


For this week’s bake the quince are poached in a light rosewater & cardamom syrup and wrapped in a light & flakey lattice topped puff pastry with almond frangipane.


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