This Weeks Bake: 4 Sfogliatelle

This Weeks Bake: 4 Sfogliatelle


Ever watched the Sopranos and wondered why they are all so obsessed with pastries? Or what Tony is talking about when he keeps saying "Shfooyadell"? Or what exactly happened at the end of the last episode? I don't have an answer to the last question, but I can tell you what Sfogliatelle are - thousands of layers of crisp pastry dough filled with a cinnamon & orange peel infused ricotta cream - allegedly invented by nuns in the 17th Century and made famous by a pastry chef in Napoli in the 19th Century. (If you'd like to know more, and are in posession of an Italian dictionary, they have their own website here: )


Pastry dough is rolled out using a pasta roller until extremely thin and then stretched until even thinner before being rolled up to create thousands of layers. The dough is then carefully shaped into shells and filled with a ricotta & semolina cream infused with cinnamon and orange.


Perfect with a strong coffee. Or after a heavy night at Bada Bing!


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