This Weeks Bake: 6 Ultimate Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Weeks Bake: 6 Ultimate Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


6 double chocolate chip cookies - crisp, shiny exterior, gooey chocolate interior, oozy chocolate chips and a little bit of sea salt - the ultimate double chocolate chip cookie!


I have recipe tested A LOT OF COOKIES to get the perfect balance of deep chocolate flavour x fudgy, brownie-esque texture without being too overtly sweet. I tested cookies without flour, with only egg whites, with nuts, without melted chocolate, with vanilla, without butter. Eventually I amalgamated the best elements of every recipe into these. I love them and I hope you do too.


My ultimate recipe contains muscovado sugar for added depth of flavour, organic cocoa powder made from 'fino de aroma' beans (cocoa beans chosen for their intense flavour profile), melted dark chocolate AND dark chocolate chips plus a little sprinkling of sea salt.


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